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2016 US Presidential election mistakes

No candidate is perfect.
Even my choice of candidate has issues.
However compare the mistakes of Jill to the devastation caused by Hillary’s wars, the Clinton Wall Street deregulation, GMOs, and Free trade?
Hillary is a monster whose choices kill people.
Hillary has never found a war that she opposed yet and she has repeatedly called for MORE wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and so on.
Hillary is the most blatantly corrupt candidate of all time.
Her email deletion was on a magnitude far greater than Nixon who deleted a tape.
Her corruption accepting bribes from corporations and foreign governments has tainted and compromised her and there is a definite connection between funding and government contracts.
Hillary’s campaign and Foundation is backed/funded by the military-industrial complex, Wall Street, Saudia Arabia, Quatar, Israel, Monsanto (she even has Monsanto employees like Jerry Crawford running her campaign) and countless other corporate and foreign interests.
In 2012 when Obama’s EPA gave Dow permission to use dioxin on 24D GMO food crops, Hillary responded that it was about “drought resistance” and that we should all trust GMO crops.  Trust dioxin?  One of the 2 most caustic and carcinogenic substances known to man?  Hillary is by far the worst candidate that I have ever seen.  She makes  serial killers look like humanitarians by contrast.
We do not even need to see a Trump presidency to know that he is completely insane and disconnected from reality.
Trump pledges tyranny, a police state expanding the war on drugs, immigration and walls, walls for everyone.  Not to mention blatant racism, sexism, and the mere fact that he is a spoiled rich kid who has NO idea what anyone goes though on a daily basis.  The mere fact that Trump is a Wall Street billionaire should alone be enough to discourage ANYONE from voting for him ever.  But add the racism, add the fact that he is a Republican and honestly: the man is simply unfit to be mayor of a town of 50 people, because the odds are that a brown person or a female will eventually pass by there.  
Gary Johnson’s party platform calls for government for the highest bidder with complete deregulation of all bribery, corruption and campaign finance.
It is not simply the government that it is the problem: it is the corruption of it that is worst for the people.  A truly representative government that is held accountable would work for the people who it is held to account by.  But a corrupt system only serves those who can afford to buy it.    libertarian-vs-green-bribery
Libertarian, Democrat and Republican deregulation is not just bad for the government either.  It is a direct threat to our very existence.
One look at the countless nuclear disasters: Fukishima, Turkey Point, 3 mile Island, Indian Point, West Lake landfill: and we see the idiocy of deregulation of  nuclear energy.

One look at the countless oil and gas spills of highly toxic chemicals that literally poison people by the thousands, killing some, and sickening all should be enough to see the idiocy of deregulation of oil and gas.  Look at the illnesses caused by the Porter Ranch Gas leak, the deaths in Detroit from the water, the poisoning going on in every state.
BP oil spill, multiple Shell and Exxon spills.  Fracking and natural gas leaks fill water with poisonous flammable material and spew methane into the air.  There are over 743 oil spills in the last few years ALL were preventable because oil and gas are allowed to be pumped in SINGLE wall pipe.  SINGLE WALL. 

Do you realize how CHEAP that pipe is?
Oil is expensive, pipe is NOT.
The regulation should be simple: dual wall pipe with sensors in between and shutoff valves ever few miles.  Sensors are CHEAP, wires are cheap.
Why are these cheap solutions not used?
Deregulation and PROFITS.
Because even if it is cheap, it is LESS profit.
Deregulation kills people.  We are being poisoned by deregulation and few of us are aware because the media is ignoring all of this.
Takata airbags have been KILLING people.  Deregulate that and it will continue.
The solutions are so simple, but it requires regulation to enforce minimum standards or people will die as a result.   
So Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians are ALL unacceptable choices as all will protect corporations from you.  All will allow corporations to poison you, your food, your water, your air without your knowledge or consent and you will be at increased risk for cancer and death because that saves some oil and gas company a few cents per barrel.

All would allow explosive air bags with little if any oversight to wreck your face or kill you to save the company a few cents per unit.
All would allow big pharma to sell you deadly poisons (chemotherapy etc).

Democrats and Republicans would even go so far as to ban medicinal herbs and natural solutions such as hemp and cannabis.
Democrats and Republicans would even go so far as to ban hemp (not the stuff that you can get high on) as a biofuel, construction material, or fuel despite the cost that it is more effective and efficient than cotton, corn, or cutting trees.  More yield faster with less expense.  In fact: hemp replaces nourishment lost in crop depletion and as part of a crop rotation strategy reduces the need for fertilizers.  There is simply ZERO downside to hemp.

To be fair: Jill has some views that I think go a bit far.
Yes television and wifi do emit radiation, but taking them out of pre-school seems a bit heavy handed.
I am an electronics engineer: she is correct that these are radiation emitting devices and too much exposure can have adverse effects.
However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages as with a television and internet access: we can show you the universe (in real time).
But this is a small part of her view and not even mentioned on her platform as a priority.
However: I am quite disappointed with Jill for this stupid act of vandalism (below).
Yes, it was for a cause that I support, but this action was not the way to go about fighting for change.  The cause that I support is far bigger than the vandalism problem, but the problem carries deep implications that really need to be addressed.

(Again, minor, but damn stupid).
I share this because we need to be open and honest about what we do right and wrong.
I do hope that Jill’s campaign is listening.
Not the answer. (Even when done for a “good” cause).
Just a stupid idea.
I wish that I were her campaign strategist if this is what passes for a good idea.
I would have counseled against this.
Crime, even petty crime is not presidential.
The president should uphold the law, ALL of it.
Disdain for the laws that apply to others is one more why Hillary should be banned.
Hillary feels that she is above the law because of her position.
How can we be the same (lawbreaking) on small issues and be trusted on large ones?
Now granted many laws require changing, but vandalism is not one of them!
That said: I am STILL voting for Jill.
But this is yet another grating little thing that I really do not appreciate about her.
Let’s brainstorm better ways of getting attention?
The Green party is great for the people, great for health, great for the environment.  
Greens will end these stupid wars, stop police brutality, end the stupid war on drugs, protect the environment, invest in health care, infrastructure, mass transit, renewable energy, clean technologies and propel us forward with innovation and inventions that benefit us instead of harming us.
Let’s not trash that with graffiti?

We are the right party.  We make mistakes, but lets not make any more?