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Will Media Sheeple unplug from the Matrix?

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Today a lifelong party supporter pointed out that I use WikiLeaks, Guccifer, NPR, and foreign news sources for sources for much of what I post.

Damn right.

Seems pretty obvious to me, but okay for those who refuse to pay attention, here is why in pretty pictures.

Every single corporate news media in the US is backing Hillary Clinton for President right now as their NUMBER ONE lobbying and bribery recipient INCLUDING Fox News Corp.
Did you grasp that?

Every single (that means all)
US media corporations (the big corporations that control the media)
ALL back (fund, support, bribe and pay for)
THE SAME CANDIDATE for president: Hillary Clinton.

ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN ALL back Hillary.
Still think that there is a difference????

Trump IS going down but he is NOT taking most of the GOP with him.
Because that is what the corporate oligarchs want.
Follow the money.
When you wake up: STOP voting DemocraPublican.
The GOP will remain to give you the ILLUSION of choice.
Same wars
Same regulation of the people
Same deregulation of corporations.
Regulation of the people:
War on drugs
War on terror
Patriot Act
Indefinite detention
Warrantless spying and surveillance
for-profit healthcare (because people are easier to control when you hold the medicine that they need to live)
for-profit education (because stupid people are easier to control)
GMO toxins, fracking, poisoned air and water (because if you cannot afford to buy organic and have water and air filters, then you should be exterminated for fun and profit
BOTH parties are 100% behind that regulation of people
Deregulation of business
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
Commodities Futures Modernization Act
TARP bankster bailouts
Corporate subsidies
Quantitative easing (QE) gives banks zero interest use of money that we the tax payers PAID to print which the banks then charge us interest and fees to use. Result? Record bank profits charging us to use our own money.
Lax if any penalties for major oil, gas, radiation spills. We are being poisoned. Most of the US has toxins in their water, most have toxins in their soil, Most have toxins in their food. Only the very rich can afford to deal with all of this. Both parties are deregulating corporations and letting us die and get sick as a consequence.
Follow the money.
Here is the money trail, straight from the Federal Election Campaign.
The SAME money goes to BOTH parties.
Hillary is winning because corporations WANT Hillary winning.
The Trump tapes were released so that you would not read the Podesta emails.
It was all a planned distraction.




So for all of you who LIKE obeying your corporate masters, by all means please do vote for Hillary and abdicate your thinking to the corporations who obviously put your needs above their own profits.
But for those of us without cranial-rectum disorder: we will not join you in supporting another war, or another free trade deal, or more fracking, or more police state abuse, or more failed war on drugs, more war on terror, more police state, more dioxin, more GMO carcinogens, more Wall Street deregulation, more for-profit health care.

Unlike you Hillbots:
We oppose Hillary’s wars.  Iraq, Syria, Libya and if she keeps her promises: Iran.
We opposed the Clinton’s homophobia: DOMA and DADT.
We opposed the Clinton’s 3 strikes police state.
We opposed the Patriot Act which takes away RIGHTS from the people and allows warrantless spying and indefinite detention without due process.
We opposed NAFTA that Clinton ratified and TPP that Hillary sold our allies on and Obama is pushing into law.
We oppose Hillary’s cabinet of Monsanto, and big oil crooks with their poison the world agenda.

And speaking of poison:
We opposed Clinton’s 1990s poison the world campaign with GMOs laden with rBGH and glyphosphate and we told you that it was carcinogenic but you did not believe us.  Now US produce is banned in nearly ALL of the civilized world, but do eat up and do enjoy the new Obama dioxin that is now being sprayed on Dow24D food crops post 2012.  Never mind that dioxin is one of the two most toxic chemicals known to man: Hillary said that it is about (and I quote) “drought resistance”

So Hillbots, we see you watching your propaganda and voting for Hillary.
You are afraid that Trump will win?
Let that go.
The corporate money is all aligned on Hillary, and nobody else.
Does this not tell you ANYTHING?
Trump was a distraction.
Trump is  DELIBERATELY acting crazy to SCARE you into voting for Hillary.
He is making himself so incredibly dangerous and unacceptable that sane person would dare risk his election!
The ONLY reason WHY the media is making you think that he even has a chance is to SCARE you into backing their candidate instead of thinking for yourself.
Not one corporate media corporation is putting their money on Trump.
Why is FOX News corp backing Hillary?
They slam her daily on TV yet, she gets more money from them than ANYONE else does!
Do you see how they have been playing you YET?media-not-reflection-of-reality

This is not a new game.  The media has been using fear to pull our strings since the nation was founded:


Why you should care?
You are being robbed (literally)


Dont believe me: follow the money and you will find the truth.
I provided screen captures, follow the FEC reports, use OpenSecrets or whatever FEC based source that you want.

Follow the money, it never lies.


So that is the problem.  Here comes the solution after a brief station identification:

This message brought to you from OUTSIDE of the matrix where the free-thinkers live.  Those who have rebelled against the corporate wishes and are continuing the Revolution that Bernie TALKED about but was never really a part of.

We are the Greens and Socialists who fight for LIBERTY against AUTHORITY.
That means: ENDING the war on drugs.
ENDING the war on terror.
ENDING the police state.
ONLY locking up violent offenders and holding law enforcement and government accountable to the people.
Restoring justice to this unjust corrupt society.
Ending ALL lobbying and bribery of all government workers.
Putting term limits on all politicians.
Having free public elections and banning ALL campaign advertisements.
Downsizing the military and closing all overseas bases unless the host nation wants to pay to keep them open.  (No more free police to the world on our backs).


Each of the items above cost our nation trillions.
Not only would ending the stupid wars, war on drugs, war on terror end the deficit, create a surplus of money and a need to replace soldier’s jobs with things that benefit us all and our nation and world.
With a small fraction of that money we could easily invest in:
Protecting you the people from defective products and pollution.
Subsidizing green renewable energy and investing in infrastructure instead of war.
Public health care, public education.

This is the correct path for America, and it is the opposite of where the DemocraPublicans have taken us.  We cannot be a police state and a land of the free.
We are either free or we are not.
It is time to regulate the police, the government and the corporations and to STOP regulating the citizens.  It is time to vote Green and Socialist.
Hillary is not your friend.
She does not work for you.
Neither does Donald.
Unplug your corporate media propaganda and get real.
Join the Revolution.
Join the Green party, we wont send your children to die in a war.



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