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Democrats are NOT liberals

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Democrats are not liberals.
Hillary cannot even comprehend what liberals are talking about.
Hillary says (on audio and video) that free health care and free public universities are impossible dreams.
Yet most of the developed world including Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia have EXACTLY what Hillary is saying is not possible.
Because Hillary (like Trump) belongs to Wall Street.
What you want crumbs?
Silly establishment voter: crumbs are not possible for you.
DemocraPublicans and Libertarians represent the oligarchy, NOT the people.
You can vote Green or Socialist and realize that government is BY the people FOR the people.
It is your choice.
Free health care for all? Or endless wars in the Middle East?
Free universities for all? Or more corporate subsidies?

Author: smartirestgeenyas

Just an engineer trying to improve the world around me by sharing thoughts, musings and observations.

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