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Why would anyone vote for war?

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Trump and Hillary are trying to out scare their supporters.
Both promise war and more war on  ISIS, in Syria.
Both have supported war and continue to support war.
Trump wants more military, more police, more violence.
Hillary wants more boots on the ground in Syria and in her personal “business opportunity” in Iraq.

Do you have children?
Have you ever had children?
Do you like children?
Then why vote to kill them in endless stupid wars?

This is focused more on Hillary probably because Trump is unlikely to win.
Add blatant racism and deportation and think of how many families will be missing their children after a Trump win?

Stop letting war pig oligarchs destroy your families and the families of others.
Stand up for peace.
Vote Green to end wars, downsize the military, de-militarize the police, end the failed war on drugs (instead of escalating it like Trump promises) and get drug users out of prison and into rehab.

Our worst enemies are the Democrats and Republicans, not the Iraqis, not the Syrians, not the Palestinians, not the Libyans.
You are 8 times more likely to be shot by the police than by a terrorist in the US.
Let’s change that?
Let’s stop the violence and stop the madness?
Stop voting for war mongers and police-state authoritarians.


2002 pro-war Hillary:

2004 pro-war Hillary:

2008 pro-war Hillary:


Hillary admits that her vote for Iraq war was a bribe.
War for sale:

2011 Hillary Iraq war is a Business Opportunity:


Hillary and Trump are trying to outdo one another in an effort to appear more pro-Israel:

Hillary says that the best thing that the US can do is to destroy Syria for Israel.


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