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I am already against the next war

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And that means that I am already against both the Democrats and the Republicans.

Democrats try to scare the progressive leftist vote of the bat-guano crazy theists running the Klown Kar Konservative party.

But the reality is that both parties are simply two faces of the same monster.
We have been in a state of endless war in 1980.war cfr_military_spending_in_billions

What is all of this war really about?
Who has attacked us?
A few terrorists.
We were meddling in their affairs, we were making war on their government?
Or because of religious ideology?
We are TOLD that it is religion.
But yet our government is consistently toppling other nations.

Libya was a successful Socialist-Capitalist Democracy where people were wealthy and prosperous.
Quadaffi had made Libya the most wealthy nation in Africa and was helping the African people.

Honduras was a left-wing Socialist economy that was prosperous.  We backed the coup that turned them into a right-wing authoritarian police state, the OPPOSITE of freedom, and the OPPOSITE of prosperous.

Why is the US government destroying prosperous Socialist nations and replacing them with  theocratic anarchy?

Syria is a prosperous nation run by a SECULAR president and the US is backing Muslim extremists there.  WHY?

The US is destroying other nations instead of building our own.
Population control comes to mind.
But it is even more obvious than that.
All of the Middle East nations had a large percentage of Muslim believers and were prosperous and at peace.
A couple (like Honduras) probably were not giving our corporations free access to their resources.
The US government (both Democrat and Republican) act like the bully in the yard: robbing everyone else for our own fun and profit:

Before After USbefore after US Syriabefore after Iraq and Libyabefore after freedom Iraqbefore after freedom in libya

So one thing that I notice is that all of these nations were vocally opposed to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the genocide of Palestinian people.

Israel 8.5M per dayIsrael aid while Americans homelessIsrael aid while US in debtIsrael follows US genocide land theftIsrael free health care and education paid for by American taxes

So the US is destroying Israel’s enemies.
Hillary Clinton and Trump are both quite open about that.
In fact both are trying to OUTDO one another in their support of Israel:

(This is one of countless  examples, by the way):

Hillary and Trump are trying to outdo one another in an effort to appear more pro-Israel because that is what buybull thumpers want:

Politics | Sun Dec 6, 2015 6:37pm EST

Clinton aims to take U.S. relationship with Israel ‘to the next level’


Hillary Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel: “The Best Way to Help Israel”


This is nothing new:
Obummer did the same thing, trying to out-support Israel vs the GOP as well.

Obama vowed ETERNAL and UNWAVERING support for Israel.
Why is our president pledging allegiance to a foreign government?

Obama vows unwavering support for Israel


Seeking to alter a perception among many Israelis that his government has been less supportive of Israel than previous U.S. administrations, Obama declared the U.S.-Israeli alliance “eternal.”

“It is forever,” he said to applause as Israeli and U.S. flags fluttered in a steady breeze under clear, sunny skies.


And Romney fires back saying that Obama did not go “far enough” in his support of Israel.


What WOULD be “far enough”?

Flying the Israeli flag over DC maybe?

Might as fucking well, we are already fighting Israel’s battles on our dime.


Washington – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says President Barack Obama’s latest move to improve ties with Israel doesn’t go far enough.

Obama is set to sign legislation Friday to expand military and civilian cooperation with Israel. The bill reiterates U.S. support for a negotiated two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


And Romney says that “any and all measures” should be used to dissuade Iran from attacking Israel.



So here I am being told that the GOP are the scary evangelicals?
Yes they are.
And so are the Democrats.
They are in competition with one another to go farther and more destructive than one another.
I am pulling the plug on this war machine and voting against BOTH.

I am already against the next war.







War already against the next war

I am already against the countless hundreds of military bases around the world while our nation crumbles and our people starve.

War budget vs people


Democrats will tell you that the Republicans are scary.
And yet: the Democrats are bombing MORE nations than the scary Republicans, trying to out-win favor from Israel:

Obama has bombed more nations than Bush

The ONLY way that this changes is to STOP Israeli money from getting into our government.
The ONLY way to stop that is to vote for a party that will BAN ALL lobbying and ALL bribery.
If we want peace, if we want a government that works BY the people FOR the people, then the ONLY 2 choices are:
Libertarians will allow UNLIMITED bribery of government. (It is in their platform)
And BOTH Democrats and Republicans ACCEPT campaign contributions from the very corporations and foreign governments who are getting rich off of these endless wars.

war spendingWar spending vs housingwar profiteers carlysle groupWar costswar costs 6trillWar costs 1 tank in Iraqwar cost ridiculousWar Politicians wont by dying we willWar robbery of the people



The US ALREADY spends MORE THAN HALF of our discretionary budget on WAR.

And Trump and Hillary BOTH propose to INCREASE that with MORE WARS?????

US 2015 discretionary pie chart

US Discretionary income LOL at Republicans blaming food stamps for debt


modern warfare explained

Imagine if we invested that war money into BUILDING THIS NATION? 

What do ALL of these nations have in common?
They spend a WHOLE LOT LESS money on war.
They do not allow Israel to buy their government.
They have elections funded by the public, NOT corporate interests.
They have governments that represent the people a whole lot more than we do.
They have Socialism.

Trains around the worldTrains US vs China

The US is already headed for third world status.
We are in fact a third world nation with the biggest military.

We have more surplus planes sitting in junk yards than most nations have on active duty.
We are buying planes that we do not even need.
It is a big theft from ALL of us.
You want a home?  Here is where your home is.
You want nice roads, there they are.
You want quality free health care and education, there it is in one of those scrap aircraft below.
This is why we cannot have nice things.

war vs food stamps

All of this war profit goes to the rich mega billionaires and the corporate CEOs.
This is what your voting Democrat and Republican has caused:

corporate-profits-and-wages 2013

If you vote Democrat or Republican/Libertarian: you are voting for more poverty for the citizens; while Israel, and war profiteer billionaires get rich.
If you vote Green or Socialist: then you are voting to reform the system into one that will be far more difficult to corrupt.

It is not a difficult concept.  Read the links, see how BOTH parties promise MORE WARS.
Both Democrats and Republicans answer to the SAME MASTERS.
The war pigs have the power.
But you and I can take the power back from them.
But not by voting for their puppets.






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