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Why the US needs to go left and liberal

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We need a balance of Socialism vs Capitalism.
However we are so far to the right that the only way to restore balance is with Socialism.
But not too much. It is a balance.
Socialism benefits workers, capitalism benefits profits. Every example of going too far right or too far left has resulted in catastrophe.

Look where the US is now:
Record high corporate profits, record low wages.

This is too far to the right. Once the balance is restored, then we should stop going left or right.
Keep the balance or collapse. It aint that complicated.

Corporate profits (what benefits the rich) is INVERSELY proportional to wages and jobs (what benefits the working and middle class).


Corporate employees fare no better:

corporate profit vs average employee pay

Because corporate profits are INVERSELY proportional to wages, they are ALSO inversely proportional to JOBS because desperate workers make better slaves.
corporate profit versus employment

How bad is it?  
Well, lets pull back to a half-century view and see what resulted in the most prosperous years for the US:  

corporate profit versus wages and union membership

Now it is not the same world as it was during the 1960s.  During the 1960s: the US led in science, space exploration, manufacturing, invention, medicine.
Now the US lags across the board and the educational system and infrastructure here are headed to third world status.

Why?  We taxed the rich and invested in social programs for the working class and poor.

Currently we are still stuck in the 2008 Great Depression because unlike the LAST Great Depression: we still have not brought the Socialists back in to regulate the banks.
More depression and more collapses are coming if we do not restore balance.

plutocracy reborn

Somehow Corporations have sold the voters on voting for the same parties that made the mess.
Free trade has resulted in corporations paying fewer taxes on greater profits:

Why are we surprised by the 2008 meltdown?
We re-created the Great Depression.
(Some people never learn).
Inequality by year 1917 to current

The US is one of the worst places for workers.


So much for trickle down?
Profits are inversely proportional to wages, so what makes the rich richer is profit.
What makes the poor poorer is the rising costs of everything offsetting any wage increase.

income growth since 1940s

Very few people are buying up everything else.  Smaller businesses are being absorbed by mega corporations and the profits going to fewer and fewer people.


10 percent of the population own 73% of the wealth.
This alone is a damning condemnation of how we are too conservative.
Socialism will spread some of that wealth back to the working class.
This is why we must limit top tier wages as a multiple of the bottom tier.
If a business, movie, sports franchise is successful: the athlete, CEO, or actor should not get 73% of the profits because the production, team or event would not have succeeded without the ENTIRE organization, we should not reward only one class of people for the work of the entire organization.


The rich get richer while everyone else loses spending power:


US 2013 was the second most unequal income in all of the world over the last 2 decades
income how unequal is income in different countries1_0


More Americans are falling into poverty as a third of households with children are impoverished:

Child Poverty rate

However the overall poverty rate is nowhere near 32%, lets be honest that shocking rate is for families, not individuals.  It is still far too high.


Poverty is worst in the most conservative areas:

Poverty US 2010


So wait.  WHY are our workers losing out and billionaires raking in mega bucks?
Well lets look at a few causes:

Because our government is addicted to war and has been for decades (it is only getting worse):
Pick a year, any year we spend more bombing other nations than fixing our own:

US 2015 discretionary pie chartusbudget 2010 cboUS DIscretionary 2013


US discretionary spending 2009


What do we get for all of this military spending?
Craters in some desert somewhere else.

The war on terror is the biggest robbery of all time:

The war on terror is spreading terror like a virus:
modern warfare explained

Name ONE nation that we have fixed by bombing it?  
Obombalot has bombed Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia.
Which of these countries are now safe for us?  

Before After US

Which of these people do NOT hate the US?  

before after freedom in libya

If you went from a great life to poverty thanks to the US bombing your nation into the stone age: how would you feel about Amerika?before after freedom Iraqbefore after Iraq and Libya

If I were a citizen in any of these nations: I would consider the US government to be the enemy of humanity.
As an American citizen: how is it any different?
Just because you turn a blind eye, does that make our war monger government one bit less heinous?  

Why then, do you keep voting for warmongers?

before after US Syria

And what is happening in the US cities?
Our cities are not being bombed, but they are still be decimated.

Fix BaltimoreFix Detroit before Syria

The US is run by war profiteers who are destroying the world.

Our water is being poisoned, our food is being poisoned, our air is poisoned.
Our media is selling us lies and wars.

What has the war on drugs gotten us?  
Debt, deficit as so much of our population is in prison on the ultimate slavery-welfare system.
As we see the failure of the war on terror, look at the war on drugs and see how many lives are destroyed:

Prison US industry


prison population US


The so-called “Land of the free” is in reality the land of the incarcerated.  

prison rate global

If you thought that the reason for the increase in prisoner was due to an increase in violence?  Think again.  More people are being locked up for non-violent crimes than ever.  prison vs violent crime

So why should you care?
Because you are being robbed.
You are being forced to pay to house people who have done something stupid (drugs) that should not even be criminalized.
You are being robbed of wages, robbed of freedom, and robbed of opportunities.  

Infrastructure spending creates jobs and lessens competition for your jobs.  The more money that your neighbors make: the more that they spend and the more that the economy grows.  
We can either spread the wealth and have a strong economy or continue to put all of the wealth into a few hands and destroy it.  

You are being robbed of health care:

health care insurance bankruptcies


NerdWallet Health finds Medical Bankruptcy accounts for majority of personal bankruptcies

NerdWallet Health finds Medical Bankruptcy accounts for majority of personal bankruptcies

Summary Findings

NerdWallet estimates for 2013:

  • 56M Americans under age 65 will have trouble paying medical bills
    – Over 35M American adults (ages 19-64) will be contacted by collections agencies for unpaid medical bills
    – Nearly 17M American adults (ages 19-64) will receive a lower credit rating on account of their high medical bills
    – Over 15M American adults (ages 19-64) will use up all their savings to pay medical bills
    – Over 11M American adults (ages 19-64) will take on credit card debt to pay off their hospital bills
    – Nearly 10M American adults (ages 19-64) will be unable to pay for basic necessities like rent, food, and heat due to their medical bills
  • Over 16M children live in households struggling with medical bills
  • Despite having year-round insurance coverage, 10M insured Americans ages 19-64 will face bills they are unable to pay
  • 1.7M Americans live in households that will declare bankruptcy due to their inability to pay their medical bills
    – Three states will account for over one-quarter of those living in medical-related bankruptcy: California (248,002), Illinois (113,524), and Florida (99,780)
  • To save costs, over 25M adults (ages 19-64) will not take their prescription drugs as indicated, including skipping doses, taking less medicine than prescribed or delaying a refill


health care developed countries mapHealth care

Now wait, we give Israel BILLIONS per year, but they can afford health care for their people and we CANNOT?  
Israel military aidIsrael US aid chart

Meanwhile our cities and people are suffering and dying?

Israel ranks 9th in Life Expectancy, while the US ranks 27th.

Life expectancy in OECD countries

So you get the 27th best health care while your government gives subsidies to the country with the 9th best health care.

And for that privilege: you my fellow American: will pay the highest health care costs in the world bar none!  

While Israel pays the 27th highest rates in the world!  
Oh the painful irony.
Should we continue to vote for the parties and candidates that set this up?

health care costs by country

So this is why I am anti-establishment in the US.  
This is why I am voting Socialist and Green party.
Both Socialists and Greens will make health care a RIGHT, not a privilege.
Both Greens and Socialists will end the war on drugs, the war on terror and all other wars.
Both Greens and Socialists will spend that money here fixing our mess of a nation and stop giving money to countries who are in better shape than we are.
Israel vs US cities

So join me in fighting the Democrats and Republicans and their endless wars?

trains around the world vs US

There is much more to it than this.
But I have to pay attention to my time, my schedule and your attention span.
The deregulation of banks, and the whole financial industry is a scam.
The chemicals put into foods, and energy companies radiation and oil spills polluting our environment.
We are being poisoned and robbed in countless ways and these are just the few that I am aware of an pay attention to.

Our police use our citizens for target practice.
But the primary focus of this was wages, labor, inequality, priorities, war, health care, and the war on drugs and terror.
That is a lot to gloss and skim over and each of these could easily be a whole topic on it’s own.
The point is that the establishment is waging war on all of us and it is time that we wage war on the DNC and RNC and throw those corporate war mongers out.

Political Compass 2016

Political compass Dems and GOP

Join the Greens and Socialist parties who will end these wars and invest in our nation, our schools, our hospitals, our roads, our rail.
However, let’s not blindly go left forever?
We see what happens too far on the right (Somalia, Haiti and any third world nation);  but let’s not forget that too far left (Greece) is no utopia either.
But where we are now is too far right.
Where we need to be is in the middle.
Get the balance right.
We cannot get from right to middle by voting right or centrist.
We NEED some leftist liberals in office NOW.
That is Greens and Socialists.
If we were in the Soviet Union: the right cure there would be the Libertarian party.
So as we see: there is no one cure for all ails.
Which party that we belong to or support should reflect our situation, not some blind partisan ambition.



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