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Why I am voting Green and Socialist

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Why I am supporting Socialists and Greens in the US in 2016.

There are 2 ways to measure regulations and laws.

One way is Authoritarian vs Liberal:
the regulation of PEOPLE.

Another way is Left vs Right:
the regulation of business and labor.

Political compass Dems and GOP

In all things balance is essential.
Let’s start with Authoritarian vs Liberal.
Too liberal is anarchy.
Too authoritarian is a police state.
Where is the US?
Hint: militarized police shooting children asleep in their beds and getting away with the murder.
(Aiyana Jones 7 year old shot while sleeping by Officer Joseph Weekley).
Police shot 1186 people in 2015 up from an annual average of 928 during the previous decade.
Police shot 1029 people in 2014
Some of these were justified and some were not.
But the trend is more militarized police.


2015 US Killed by Police

Police shoot 928 per year

928 annual average killed by police US

Police per capita compared to crime rate

Police = crime

There is a war on drugs, and prostitution.
Why are we spending money to lock up people for sex and drugs?
Because for-profit prison corporations are getting rich?
And that is authoritarian, not liberal.
So we see that the US is an authoritarian police state with oppressive laws that suppress the rights of the people.

Prison population war on drugs


prison vs violent crime

So what about the regulation of business and people?
Business de-regulation is what caused the Great Depression AND the SAME type of de-regulation caused the 2007 Great Recession.

Finance has become the largest sector in the US.
What does finance create?
What does finance invent?
They charge us to use our own money!

bank regulation

Bank failure vs regulation

bank profits in a single chart

Bank profits vs GDP

The US has de-regulated food crops allowing poisons to be injected into and sprayed on food, air, water and soil including KNOWN carcinogens like rBGH, and dioxin. 

GMO Adoption of Corn US 2000 to 2014

Poison Corn

GMO Adoption of Cotton US 2000 to 2014

Poison cotton

GMO ART infertility

Infant mortality

GMO Figure-2.-Increasing-Incidence-of-Thyroid-Cancer-363-px

Thyroid cancer

GMO Herbicide


gmo diabetes graph

Diabetes (CDC link)

GMO Soy skyrocketing glyphosphate use

Poison Soy

GMO trend 1996 to 2014

Poison crops

The US has de-regulated fossil fuels and allowed hydraulic fracturing to poison our water to the point of flammability.
The US has slashed social welfare programs while increasing war spending, defense spending, arms deals, and money given to foreign nations such as Israel for genocide. 
All of these policies benefit business not people. 
US Discretionary income LOL at Republicans blaming food stamps for debt


What do we get for these wars?

modern warfare explained

The idiocy of war


Over 86% of the US population now lives in or near poverty as ALL of the income growth of the last 10 years has gone to the top 1% and none of the income growth is going to the working class anymore. 

Inequality by year 1917 to 2008

income growth since 1940s

Income growth by class

income inequality global 1 pct now equals 99 pct

Share of global wealth

CEOs rob and loot corporations getting millions of dollars in annual salaries and bonuses while slashing wages and causing companies to fail. 

corporate profit versus employment



Free trade has not only given corporations a way to evade paying wages, but also taxes.  
As corporate profits SKYROCKET, corporate taxes SHRINK.
(HELLO…..what happens to YOUR taxes when YOUR wages go up?????)



Businesses pollute with abandon as US corporate controlled media no longer even reports oil spills.

In 2008: the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill was covered, but in May 2016: the Shell Oil Gulf of Mexico spill was not even reported.

Shell Leaks 90,000 Gallons of Oil into the Gulf of Mexico

Corporations have seized control of the government and the media.
Law enforcement now protects the corrupt from the citizens.

In 2016: we have seen the blatant theft of the DNC election as voters are ignored and the party rigs the election with blatant fraud and corruption in clear view of the public.
The media blames the people, while social media exposes the truth.
The corporate media is selling lies that we can clearly see are wrong.
Compilation of stories here:

While Republicans block people from access to restrooms: three nuclear accidents poison the water, soil and air in the US without any media coverage.
Turkey Point nuclear power plant in Miami is leaking more radiation than Fukishima into Biscayne Bay, and the Indian Point nuclear power plant is irradiating the Hudson river in NY.
The Bridgeton Landfill in St Louis has had a raging fire for over 5 years burning nuclear waste and irradiating everyone that lives east of St. Louis.
Ever wonder why cancer is on the rise?
You are being poisoned and nobody is telling you because you might sue!

Media Silent While 3 Nuclear Disasters are Unfolding Inside the US

It is clear that we are too far to the right already.
The government is protecting these corrupt corporate crooks from you by denying you the information much less the means to sue or to fix the problem.
Profits over people.
In order for an economy to be healthy: we would require a BALANCE of profits vs wages.
But it is so far beyond that now that we are all being poisoned for the fun and profit of a few.
This is why the ONLY deregulation that I will support is deregulation of what the people do.
At the same time: I am fighting to regulate these corrupt corporations, and end their stranglehold on our government and democracy.
Get back to a government by and for the people.  Get back to Socialism.
We have gone too far right, and have become too authoritarian.
We simply must deregulate the people, or the people will rise up.  It is happening already as a Socialist already has more popular support than either establishment candidate and is only being blocked by a corrupt system.

Further deregulation of business is the wrong answer.  We are being poisoned already.  What next?  Letting them sell licenses to use us for target practice?  Oh wait, put on a uniform and…..
see what I mean?
When are you going to be tired of being a target?
When are you going to decide that you have had enough?

We are too authoritarian.
We are too right wing.
We need to loosen the restrictions on the people, while actually having some laws to restrict business.
This is why right wingers are wrong.  We have been going right for far too long already.
There is a such thing as too far left.  Communism and pure Socialism are too far left.  Balance is best.  If I were in a Communist society I would be a Libertarian.  But as I live in the US: right now Socialism and Green party are the ideal solution for the situation that the US is in today, and for anyone that values the continued existence of mammals on this planet: Greens must always be at least a top two or three choice.


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