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Evidence that the DNC primary was rigged


There is countless evidence that the DNC is robbing Bernie and the voters in this 2016 primary.

All of this was a moot point as the DNC ADMITTED rigging in court.
Will leave everything below anyways just as it needs to be remembered so that we never get fooled again:

DNC lawyers ADMITTED to rigging the primary: but used the “defense” that it was well known by supporters of the Bernie Sanders campaign that the DNC was backing Hillary so we the people are not entitled to damages.
This is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD.
From the DNC motion to dismiss the Bernie supporter’s lawsuit: (page 7 of 14)

Plaintiffs fail to explain why these cases are comparable here, where
the injuries they allege are based on voluntary political donations purportedly made “in reliance
on” an internal party rule stating “the Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness
as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns,” FAC ¶ 159, and statements to the press
that the party was committed to running a “neutral” or “impartial” primary process, id. ¶ 160.4

And the DNC goes on to ADMIT rigging the primary:

These decisions have not always been explicit in their reasoning, but they reflect
the long-standing judicial understanding that, because they inherently raise serious questions of
justiciability and threaten core First Amendment rights of political speech and association,
“[p]olitical squabbles are not as easily resolved in federal courts as are some other disputes.”
Wymbs v. Republican State Exec. Comm. of Fla., 719 F.2d 1072, 1077 (11th Cir. 1983) (citing
Baker v. Carr, 369 U.S. 186, 281-85 (1962)); see also Berg, 574 F. Supp. 2d at 529 (“[V]oters are
free to vote out of office those politicians seen to have breached campaign promises,” but
“[f]ederal courts … are not and cannot be in the business of enforcing political rhetoric”); Dornan
v. U.S. Sec’y of Def., 676 F. Supp. 6, 7 (D.D.C. 1987) (holding action based in part on political
promise nonjusticiable); see also O’Brien v. Brown, 409 U.S. 1, 4-5 (1972); Irish v. DemocraticFarmer-Labor
Party of Minn., 399 F.2d 119, 120-21 (8th Cir. 1968). This case is no exception.
Indeed, Plaintiffs fail to identify a single case in which a court has found a political party
civilly liable for purported violation of an internal party rule—much less a putative class action where plaintiffs seek to litigate a party’s compliance with its internal rules purportedly on behalf
of its members. This is unsurprising, given the grave concerns of justiciability that arise when
litigants seek to intervene in internal party affairs by way of the federal courts. See, e.g., Wymbs,
719 F.2d at 1082-83 (“The controversy … is a disagreement over a pure question of internal
Republican Party policy. The Supreme Court has held that ‘it is not for the courts to mediate the
merits of [such a] dispute’”) (quoting Democratic Party v. Wis. ex. rel. LaFollette, 450 U.S. 107,
123-24 (1981)) see also Defs.’ Mot. 19. Applying this line of cases, the Eleventh Circuit has
indicated that it is likely that a federal court may not even “define the constituency of a national
political party” (posing a serious problem for Plaintiffs’ “Democratic Party Class” claims), much
less involve itself in the self-governance and self-expression of the party. Wymbs, 719 F.2d at
1084. This is because “‘[a]ny interference with the freedom of a party is simultaneously an
interference with the freedom of its adherents.’” Id. (quoting Cousins v. Wigoda, 419 U.S. 477,
487 (1975)). Here, that interference is glaringly evident from the face of the Complaint, whereby
Plaintiffs purport to litigate on behalf of all DNC and Sanders donors and “all registered
Democrats,” including millions who cannot be credibly assumed to endorse or support Plaintiffs’
position or their tactics.

My thoughts on that?
So does not matter who you vote for in the DNC. They will NOT count your vote unless it suits them to do so. And THAT is a matter of public record now.
It is their “party” and their “right” to do whatever they choose with it.
And that is why I have no part of it.
Dont count my vote? Dont GET my vote. I vote for Democracy, not a dictatorship.
Now the evidence that was being collected during and immediately after the DNC primary:

Exit polls have been accurate forever.
This is the first primary or election to deviate from them.

Hillary’s parties are house parties, the largest is a small school:

hillary house party 2

Hillary: Los Angeles May 5, 2016:

There were more protesters outside than supporters inside!

Hillary East Los Angeles tiny crowd

Hillary in Iowa:

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks to supporters during a rally, Sunday, June 14, 2015, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Hillary Iowa

Ballroom “crowd” at UWM:


Hillary speaks to a “crowd” of 700:  (video)



Bill and Hillary only 700:

HRC crowd_bill_clinton2

Photos by Allegra Boverman. At Nashua Community College on Monday morning, Jan. 4, 2016, where former President Bil Clinton spoke on behalf of his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is running for president.

Hillary speaking to empty seats only a handful of rows:

HRC dozens

HRC Baldwin Iowa


Hillary can fill a room with supporters:  (some times)




Why is the camera on the floor?  Is the room empty after the third row????

Hillary Cedar rapids Iowa

DNC Election Hillary bleachers

Oooh, she can occasionally fill a BALLROOM.

HRC Cgcn9AdWwAA7eHp

Hillary can fill a classroom if we move the front row far back enough:

HRC Classroom

HRC clintonbalcony

HRC more empty seats

HRC Crowd lol

“RYAN HUTTON/ Staff photo Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to crowd of hundreds at a campaign stop in Windham on Thursday night. “


Hillary’s biggest crowd was in NYC at Roosevelt Island Four Freedoms Park which is a small place that only holds a few hundred people on a good day.
The Clinton campaign clamed “thousands of spectators” and offers photos of a few hundred.

Hillary Roosevelt Four Freedoms 2016

That is the entire park showing below.
A line of flags is shown at the point, and you can see a bridge in the background at the opening:

Here you can see the number of people between Hillary and the opening/entrance to the park:
HRC view to opening

Here you see how few people are really between Hillary and the flags at the point of the park:

HRC Roosevelt four freedoms view to flags

One look at the park and we can see that the photographed triangular area where the Clinton campaign’s ONLY alleged “crowd” photo was taken is actually a TINY little area!!!!
Add in the lack of visible sound system and we can see that she could not have projected sound or visual to much of an audience at all.
Don’t take my word: see for yourself.  This was Hillary’s BIGGEST event and it was nothing spectacular.,-73.9610985,745m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c2591f93094845:0x5d7255669c266fe9!8m2!3d40.7508076!4d-73.9604123

Hillary Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park Venue.png

Contrast Hillary’s hundreds of supporters per state with Bernie’s TENS of thousands.

Bernie crowd of 19000 Portland:


One of Bernie’s smallest Iowa rallies: (wait till you see the larger state rallies)

Bernie-crowd Iowa 10k

Bernie Seattle:
Bernie-Sanders Safeco

Bernie-Sanders Key Arena

Bernie 50,000 in Iowa:

Bernie Sanders Just Passed His 50,000 Iowa Crowd Turnout Mark


Bernie:  9600 in Madison WI:

Bernie sanders_madison


Bernie 11,000 Phoenix:


Bernie 11,000 Houston:


Bernie 27,500 in Los Angeles:

Bernie Crowd 27500 LA


And yet the DNC will have us believe that HILLARY is winning?
This is a WTF moment on steriods that begs the question:
Bernie Revolution crowds how are we not winning


All that we can say is the DNC is up to something.
Who were the additional 12%????
How can there be more than 100%?????

DNC robs sanders again

How can the number of votes go DOWN????

DNC Robbed Bernie Sussex County

DNC Rob Bernie Sussex Delaware


DNC Rob Bernie Marion County OR


Roque DeLaFuente votes get reassigned or disappear????




More video:

New York City Board of Elections Executive Director Michael J. Ryan, and the majority of the Board Commissioners knew about the purging of nearly 160,000 residents from the voting rolls as early as July of last year and apparently sat on their hands, Kings County Politics has learned.

The top Democratsin NY BOE (Board of Elections) has been suspended:

The New York City Board of Elections suspended a second official without pay amid allegations that at least 120,000 names were purged from voter rolls in Brooklyn ahead of the presidential primaries last month.

At a meeting Thursday afternoon, the board announced the suspension of Brooklyn Deputy Clerk Betty Ann Canizio, a Democrat, pending an investigation, city Board of Elections spokeswoman Valerie Vazquez told NBC News. The news came on the same day that the board certified primary election results in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx, Vazquez said, adding that the results in Manhattan were expected to be certified on Friday.

The board is being audited and investigated over its handling of both the primary and the state’s special assembly elections, including complaints of poll workers misinforming voters, polling sites understaffed with interpreters, and names missing from voter rolls.


Baltimore is having to review and re-certify their election because the numbers did not add up.

And then there is this:
Nevada’s Democratic State Committee defended excluding 58 Bernie Sanders’ delegates at their convention Saturday night, saying they failed to register properly as Democrats before the final caucus.

And yet Clinton supporters are not required to register:

Many delegates at the convention were livid at the three ring circus that the DNC has become:

Update:  In Kentucky, the numbers count BACKWARDS.
Any wonder that we do not trust the DNC???????

The difference between Clinton’s  adjusted exit poll and recorded share were:
CT .01%;  MD 0.10%;  PA -.17%

In 21 of 23 primaries, Sander’s exit poll share exceeded his recorded share.
The probability of this being due to chance:
P = 1 in 30,000 = binomdist(2,23,0.5,true)

In 9 of 23 primaries, Sanders exit poll share exceeded his recorded share by more than the margin of error. The probability of this being due to chance:
P = 1 in 90 million = poisson( 9,0.025*23,false)

Was There Election Fraud in Arizona? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Chicago election observer testimony on primary rigging by the Chicago election commission:
from 24 minutes to 30 minutes.
At 33 minutes the chief auditor admits that the paper ballot numbers were CHANGED to match the numbers provided by the electronic machine.
NOTE, listen to that CAREFULLY.
The PAPER ballots (which are to ensure accuracy of the electronic machine) were CHANGED to match the electronic programmed results.

Alex Padilla: the California Secretary of State is the man who oversees the COUNTING of ballots in the California elections.
Alex Padilla should have to remain impartial in an election.
Did he?
Alex Padilla was ACTIVELY a supporter of Clinton spending taxpayer time and money campaigning for Hillary!!!!
Not once, but REPEATEDLY even leaving the state to go campaign around the nation:

Any wonder why California went to Hillary despite the obvious disparity in support?
These are pictures from both candidate’s rallies in Los Angeles CA May 5th 2016.
Hillary WON Los Angeles?  BULLSHIT.    Alex Padilla must go.  The DNC must go.
This election was a BLATANT rip/off lie.
DNC election Los Angeles clinton-sanders


California’s entire voting system is a joke:

I do not believe that the several hundred and on rare instances thousands of Hillary supporters are outvoting the consistent thousands and frequently tens of thousands of Bernie supporters.
The DNC has consistently ignored Bernie, and the voters behind Bernie.
I want to be clear: I will not vote for Hillary, not now, not ever.

If we vote for Hillary, or Trump: then there never was a Revolution.
A revolution requires a change in leadership and that cannot happen within the establishment.
Billionaires do NOT represent the people.
It is not simply Bernie or bust.
It is Green, it is Socialist, it is Democratic Socialist or bust.

As of 2014: less than 30% of registered voters were Democrats, and less than 25% Republican.
Over 43% are independent.
The DNC has crapped on the very voters who support them.
Many are buying into the DNC platform of fear of Republicans and will vote blue no matter who.
But an increasing number are following issues.
An increasing number are considering that voting for the lesser evil is still evil.
And Hillary is literally the worst of all candidates.
Even Trump would repeal NAFTA and TPP which the Clintons have wrought upon us.
Not even Trump is a homophobe (he is simply a racist) while the homophobic Clintons signed DOMA, and DADT.
And while Trump is a racist: the Clinton 3 strikes law and welfare reform have done more harm to minorities than anything that the GOP has ever done.
Hillary’s barely veiled racism with “bringing super-predators to heel” was only a vague and subtle taste of the blatant racism of the GOP and Trump.

Trump promises to kill innocents in war, while Hillary has actual experience in killing with wars in Serbia, Iraq (over 3 decades), Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Honduras, and Somalia.

Let’s not forget that it was Clinton signing Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act that destroyed the US economy in a bank meltdown in 2007 and Clinton backed the TARP bankster bailout.
Then Bill Clinton DOUBLED DOWN on the Wall Street deregulation with the Commodities Futures Modernization Act, and then TRIPLED DOWN with support for TARP bankster bailouts.

Let’s not forget that the Clinton administration gave the keys of the FDA to Monsanto and big pharma (by appointment) resulting in cancer-causing toxins: rGBH, dioxin, glyphosphate and Bt pesticides being used in and on food crops, filling our soil, water and air with toxic chemicals and carcinogens resulting in a skyrocketing number of cancer cases, birth defects, and infant mortality.
The Clintons have opposed your right to labels to even know what poisons are in food crops, resulting in the toxification of your food, water, and air without representation or even knowledge.  (Hence the “no toxification without representation” cry against the Clinton’s “poison the world” agenda).
Yet Hillary will lie to you in order to get you to eat this poison, calling it (and I quote) “drought resistance”:

So yes, there will be Democrats who will ignore all of this and pretend that Trump is somehow worse than Clinton and rally behind the DNC.
But there are an equal number of Republicans who realize that even Trump is less conservative than Hillary including the Kochs, Bush family, and Paul Ryan and who have flocked to support the “Goldwater Girl”:

So both establishment parties are coming apart in a bid to out-destroy the nation while shedding voters and support from all but big business.
Bernie is the only establishment candidate with an ounce of interest in the health, well-being of the nation or the citizens, and even Bernie is in reality not liberal or progressive enough on all issues (especially military-industrial complex and foreign policy) but is by far the only establishment candidate with any interest in Domestic policy that benefits the citizens.
So as we watch in awe at the DNC primary, how can it be that hundreds outweigh tens of thousands?
In a fair election: it couldn’t.
But the election system IS RIGGED, and it is rigged against the people both inside of the establishment parties and against the very independent parties who would restore the nation to government “by the people, for the people”.
The time for Revolution is now.
The revolution will not end with the DNC’s denial of Bernie’s nomination: it will just begin.
The third party ranks are swelling with former Republicans and former Democrats and the anger and outrage is just beginning.
We have seen the blatant theft of the DNC nomination by the DNC establishment.
We have seen the blockage of third party candidates.
In 2014: 43% of the registered voters were independent.
I bet that number skyrockets after this election.

The DNC is shooting itself in the foot with a cannon this primary.
I hope that the DNC party bleeds to death this time.
Signed, a former Democrat sheeple who woke up.

July 23, 2016 update:
WikiLeaks confirms DNC party leaders conspired to rig the primary.

DNC Emails Show Private Parties Control Elections, Not Voters


Update September 22, 2016:
The DNC lawyers ADMIT that the DNC was rigged for Hillary in an argument that Bernie already knew that going in.

Democratic Party Attorneys Admit DNC Is Corrupt

DNC Files Scathing Rebuttal, Wants Fraud Lawsuit Filed by Bernie Backers Thrown Out

Democratic Party Attorneys Admit DNC Is Corrupt

Follow the case:



Hillary primary


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15 thoughts on “Evidence that the DNC primary was rigged

  1. Right on. May I post this on my blog, Calf Rope? I think it is important and I call myself a senior citizen political activist so I want to journal the journey. Thanks for your insights.

  2. i agree with your assessment. i’ve never seen a party try to sabotage a candidate to this extent.

  3. Additionally, it is almost never that 2 politicians split the vote in a way that equals 100%. There is always at least .1% who will write in someone, or not vote for either candidate (yes, it does happen) so no precinct should equal 100% of all votes, no matter if 2 or 5 are running. There are also the exit polls, which are a metric for determining fraud in 90% of the world, and something WE made popular, 4% is the margin of error on them, anything over that is considered a sign of election fraud (difference between reported exit poll and actual votes) We have had several states where the exit polls were off by 10% or more. Yeah, we voted for hillarity, Sure we did

    Final thought, since caucus voters are not counted as individuals, and since they had record turnouts in most caucus states, Hillarity’s vote lead isn’t 2 million.

    • Yeah, you are so correct that should have been included in my post. I could not find a good exit poll comparison that I trusted enough, but that really should be mentioned. I did see a few other blogs that had some unsourced stuff that I was not sure of.

  4. I myself can testify to a incident of voter fraud that happened in WI, which I was fortunate enough to catch and have fixed.

    Every township and city in Buffalo County was consistently showing Bernie ahead, by similar margins that he won the state by, on the night of the primary. But somehow at about 12:30am the next morning (late that evening) I was still following the race (more specifically, the AP map showing individual county votes) and happened to catch that approximately 600 “ghost” votes were added to Hillary’s total in that county, giving her the win in that county with 90% of the vote already counted. This might not have been so peculiar except that Bernie swept 71 of 72 counties in the state with good & great margins. So I go back to the raw vote tabulation published by the county itself and “sure shit!”… 654 votes were added to her total at the end of the spreadsheet although every column in it, representing a township or city, showed Bernie’s count ahead of hers. I called the county clerk’s office later that morning, and they then corrected what they said was a “mistake”.

    Hmmph. I wasn’t aware that Excel filled the cells of users’ spreadsheets with random data of its own. What a coincidence that this arbitrary Excel malfunction happened to give Hillary Clinton 600+ votes in the middle of the night, right?!

  5. If Sanders is not the nominee, here is how to send a message and do what is right. Change party affiliation from Democrat to independent or any of the third parties you support. When Hillary questions whether Sanders is even a democrat then it is time to switch. How can someone be in a party if the nominee is pro war, pro patriot act, pro wall street, pro Henry “mass murderer” Kissinger, pro fracking, pro death penalty, pro NAFTA, pro ttp (no matter what lies she says about it now. Not to mention when it comes to fund raising there isn’t a person she won’t take money from…then we have 150 million plus in speeches by the Clintons. Maybe OK when out of politics for good, but definitely not OK when seeking and in politics, and in the real world these are bribes.
    The main stream media is going to put out pulls and lies showing that everyone will be just fine with Bernie gone and they will all vote for Hillary.. that Bernie or bust does not exist. Lets all show them wrong.
    At least with Trump you really don’t know what you are going to get. And he is also not as bad as the media is trying to make him because the establishment is trying to get the american people to vote against trump because they know that they can not get people to vote FOR Hillary…don’t fall for this scam. Send a message that these crooks in the DNC and media can hear,

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