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Asshole of the year contest heats up the holiday season!

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For most of us rational thinking folks: the Republicans normally have a solid grasp of the “Asshole of the year” awards.
Donald Trump has been jockeying with other Republicans like Chris “let’s start WWIII” Christie, and “kill the poor” Republicans for the ultimate “Asshole of the year” contest.

But dont count the Democrats out.
Sure they have only been as corrupt with NAFTA, TransPacific Partnership, Monsanto, Wall Street Bailouts (TARP1 and TARP2), ACA, NDAA Section 21 indefinite disclosure, the war on drugs, for-profit prisons, PIPA/SOPA, and support for INCREASING the money spent for genocide in Israel but the Democrats have bombed TWICE as many nations as Bush-Cheney and sold 143% more foreign arms deals.

HA, take that Republiscum, the Democrats are even worse in some of the more heinous actions.

Obama appointed the VP of Monsanto Press Relations to run the FDA and Hillary’s entire campaign is organized by Monsanto Lobbyist Jerry Crawford.
Hillary is on record stating that GMOs are only about “drought resistance” yes, ignore the toxic chemicals, it is good for the drought.
And Obama has allowed MORE fracking on federal land than the oil tycoon Bush family ever did!

But despite the Democrat party’s best efforts: they never found a way to overcome the sexism, homophobia and racism of the GOP which had Trump a near lock for the Asshole of the year award.
In their best attempt to be war mongers, Democrats have still only equaled the GOP enthusiasm for the bombing of Syria, Libya and ISIS.  Yawn.

But this week the Democrat party in a come from behind last ditch effort to be the worst scum in the nation:
A Clinton backing security firm (NPG VAN) dropped the security in the DNC voter rolls and then accused the  Sanders campaign of accessing the Clinton data and then banned Sanders campaign from their own campaign data!

WOW, the race for Asshole of the year heats up with Hillary neck and neck with Donald for biggest Asshole in America for 2015.

Who is the biggest Asshole in America this year?
It is a tough call.
Stay tuned.
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