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America we need to talk…..about Free Trade


America: we need to have a talk about Free Trade.
Let’s see what it has done to the nation?
NAFTA passed in 1993 with bi-partisan support.
Before NAFTA the US trade deficit was tiny only once touching $150 Billion.
Wages were high.
Corporations did not pay a lot in taxes but also were not making astronomical sums of money either.

So let’s do a before and after and see what free trade will do to the nation?

Exhibit A.
Trade Deficit.
Before in blue
After in red.

Trade Deficit BEFORE NAFTA photo Free Trade before after 1962-1992_zpsnawhhgov.png

Trade Deficit AFTER NAFTA photo Free Trade Deficit 1993-2012_zpsr4arwikj.png

So AFTER NAFTA we have a 400% increase in trade deficit?
What impact has this had?
Corporations can now manufacture anywhere without regard to supporting local labor.
Corporations can now put profits in any nation without regard to supporting the local economy or infrastructure.
So what have corporations done with this?
Well, the amount of taxes that corporations have paid has not changed since the 1980s……
Hence our infrastructure is crumbling.

taxes corporate vs individual photo Corporate-tax-color-e1303130022237_zps9qwj0dfj.png

And yet, the amount of profits that corporations are raking in has SKYROCKETED exponentially!
More profits, but not more taxes is a result of corporations sending profits away along with the jobs.
Yet at the same time: fewer Americans have jobs.
Ever wonder why the rest of the world nations can afford massive infrastructure investments?

Corporate profit vs jobs photo corporate profit versus employment_zpsjwrjzt8y.jpg

And because more people are fighting for fewer jobs: pay is plummeting to below poverty wages and unions cannot compete on a global scale.

Free trade is NOT just about jobs.
Every product that is developed within our borders is taxed to support the infrastructure that it depends upon.
Imports do not support the infrastructure and therefore must have tariffs levied to support the infrastructure that it depends upon.
It is jobs and exponentially more.
The tax break of imports makes the importation of jobs even more competitive.
It is double the effect of outsourcing jobs because now the domestic worker must not only offset the wage disparity but the corporate tax rate as well.
Free trade is a mistake

corporate profit vs wages photo corporate profit vs wages to 1940_zpspmfca7e1.jpg

So when you vote for corporate parties who sell the US to corporations: what you are really doing is creating more wealth for a few at your expense.
This unsustainable greed will collapse this nation.

It has happened before.
It happened because people do not learn, people do not listen.

Last time: the outrage led to a multi-decade liberal boon.
This time the deluded public are hypnotized by the media and have completely supported the very system that is causing our demise.
Plutocracy photo plutocracy reborn_zpskraxotvv.jpg


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2 thoughts on “America we need to talk…..about Free Trade

  1. What do you think of Bernie Sanders for POTUS ? Do you think he could help us to a better life? I think he can.

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