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Fixing a theater sound system

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October 2013:
Service call at Theater with center cluster, pair of line arrays, floor wedge monitors, and subs around orchestra pit. (video link of my final sound test at maximum lighting and projection and highest tolerable level of audio after 3 hours still clear and distortion free).

I was NOT the first engineer to attempt to solve this: but I was the last.
Client was so delighted that they wrote the following to my boss:
(client name obscured for security purposes)

> —–Original Message—–
> Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2013 7:50 AM
> To: Adam Montoya
> Subject: RE: Issue with AMX
> Adam,
> I want to commend your technician Ronnie? I hope I spelled her name
> correctly. She was one of the finest technicians that has been aboard
> to support us with AV issues. I have a technical background in AV
> myself and she was very thorough, professional, she knew what she was
> talking about, and most importantly to me, she cared! We are up and
> running thanks to her “attention to detail” approach. Please send her
> to us again for any future support we may require. Thank you. r/Mike
> Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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