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Why Engineers make excellent managers

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There are a few reasons why technical people need representation on every leadership panel and board of directors.   In the US: the entire focus is profit, profit, profit and finance hold the key power.

In the US: finance is the single largest industry and yet creates nothing.  The entire finance industry is based on charging us to use our own money!

We still need bean counters, and MBAs but there are not enough engineers in leadership roles.  This is why engineers should be given a larger percentage of management positions than exist in most companies.


Engineers design and plan for worst case scenarios while hoping for the best case.  This balanced approach goes forward in the best of times and mitigates loss in the worst.

Process improvement:

In everything that I do or touch: always seeking ways to create improvement and to leave it a better situation than it was before I arrived.  But solving a challenge is a bigger success than pointing out the need for the solution in the first place.  Engineers fix and solve problems it is inherent to their process and that is a simple result of one key item:


Most non-technical people do not wish for clarity because it requires effort to study the detail.  In meetings frequently add odds with the non-technical management who want a concise answer even if it does not paint an accurate picture and then they become frustrated and ineffective when it does not paint an accurate picture.

Cannot always have precise information without any detail, especially in complex environments, such as the direction and objectives of a department, division or company.  Concise answers seldom give enough useful information to paint the whole picture.  Taking the time to create and have understanding is what makes technical people successful in the first place.

This whole concise efficiency non-sense is actually counter-productive and inefficient because that same manager will circle back repeatedly with misunderstandings related to a lack of willingness to invest time in comprehension resulting in more time wasted and a manager that still never comprehends the solution.



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