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Video Conferencing is getting cheaper

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There is a huge trend in video conferencing to software and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) portability.

I do agree that there is a trend to race towards the bottom yes as each new product or service seems to under-price the ones that came before it.

The low cost, low quality, low performance new products and innovations outweigh the higher end, higher cost innovations by a magnitude of dozens. 
But it is not entirely a bad thing.
It is a fact good bad or otherwise.

There are an ever growing range of options from low end to high end.
There are an ever growing range of choices.
What this does is make technology more available to more people and increase the comfort level of everyone.
This expands the reach for everyone as higher end solutions find interoperability with the lower end and I have seen real world examples of the benefit in this.

Now: business can use their state of the art top of the line HD system to set up a conference with a prospective employee who is using some low cost entry point solution from their home.

Now doctors and lawyers can see their patients and clients as quickly as dialing a connection.
Now families can see one another regardless of space and distance.

Yes the low end is vastly inferior, but it is NOT unimportant. In fact: it is what is most needed right now and the benefits to EVERYONE are significant. Once upon a time: we had to have a big expensive system to watch television. Now we all carry them on our phones.
Video conferencing is beginning to going there too.

Hey the experience is still not as good: nobody goes home and turns off the flat screen to watch TV on the phone screen, but it is no less valuable, it just solves a different problem.

With the race to the bottom comes BYOD and portability so that you CAN conduct business from ANYWHERE.
Want to go to a remote construction site where power is not yet in existence?
You can remotely stream video to your team at the office what is going on from your phone in real-time!
Will it be bluray quality 1080p video? NO. But compared to nothing? It is rapture.
Plus you can shoot and save higher quality video and bring it back to an office for later without having to drag a bunch of gear around.

We are in a state of making progress right now. Things are improving as they seem to degrade by including BYOD. Dont hate the process: just enjoy the ride! Trust me: it is getting better. This is an OPPORTUNITY to sell more high end because the people who can now connect to your high end is growing with each new product available on the low end.
All that we are doing is expanding EVERYONE’s reach!!!!


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Just an engineer trying to improve the world around me by sharing thoughts, musings and observations.

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