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Keystone Pipe doing it right

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There is only one way that I will back Keystone Pipeline.

We should design and build with worst case scenarios in mind.  That is what engineers do: hope for the best while preparing for the worst.

Because of this, I will agree to a pipeline WHEN  ALL of the following is met:

1.  There will be a pipe INSIDE of a pipe with sensors in-between to detect leakage.

2.  There will be automatic shutoffs in event of a leak and there will be such a shutoff every few miles or at regular intervals.  If a valve fails: the previous valve must have sensors to detect and controls to automatically shut off.

3.  The oil company MUST warehouse enough parts to replace a few sections including sensors and valves.  These parts must be maintained and regularly inspected by government regulators at oil company expense.

(Because we cannot predict every situation to befall this pipeline, but if we have parts: we can resolve it. and look at the desired path: right through TORNADO ALLEY).

4.  There must be a reinforced embankment on either side of the pipeline to prevent/minimize damage from tornadoes/ floods and to conceal this eyesore from the eyes and view of neighbors.  The outer view of the embankment must contain vegetation and trees placed close enough to make it appear to blend naturally, to prevent erosion, to act as a wind break, to beautify the area (of course with access areas concealed by an open extension on one side so that entry is a zig-zag with ample room for even the heaviest of equipment).  Trees must be selected based upon tornado resistance in tornado prone areas and all vegetation should be suitable for climate and soil of that specific region.  Equipment must be able to get to and between either side of the embankment to reach any section or segment of pipe.

5.  The pipeline company and oil companies and their employees must be permanently banned from lobbying the government or regulators.

6.  There must be an oil and water moisture barrier trough under or buried under the ENTIRE length of the pipeline that extends to the embankments that will deposit in collection pools along the way in event of a spill.  Collection pools must test all water and ensure purity before purging and water must be kept purged at a rate consistent with flow.  This can use additional pools for water treatment if required.  Each pool must have a redundant barrier with sensors to detect leakage.  Any leakage in trough results in shutdown of the entire pipeline until leaks are corrected.  If pool leaks are detected, alternative pools must be selected immediately or the pipeline must be shutdown until a secure pool without leaks is identified.

7.  The combination of embankment and moisture barrier trough must present a third line of defense against spills and leaks.

8.  All of the above must be maintained and tested at regular intervals and inspected at oil company expense.

9.  The pipeline, embankments and pools must be braced for earthquakes, floods, tornados and lightning.

10.  There must be a redundant security fence and warning system with CCTV and rapid response monitoring.  All CCTV must have behavioral recognition systems in place and every camera must be in the field of view of at least one other camera.  Every entry must have security monitored access controls or security presence.  In event of any perimeter fence, CCTV or access controls failure/or intrusion detection: rapid response teams must be deployed, law enforcement AND military must be notified and scrambled.  There will be a tax levvy assessment made on the oil to offset the costs of this and additional environmental impact studies.  Pipeline company will comply with all environmental report findings and decisions or forfeit interest in the pipeline.

When the oil company agrees to these terms: THEN and ONLY THEN will I support their pipeline.

Funny thing?  It really would not add a lot of cost and would save them a bundle WHEN the leaks happen (not if).  All of this technology exists today including the behavioral recognition systems.


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